Want to get back full confidence in your body and want to do what you love to do?

Let's get started with me!

Fitness program for Mamas by Mama of 3 girls

I am a mother of 3 girls. I wasn't necessarily the most fit person but managed to do everything I wanted to do physically. But the things changed by having 3 girls. I struggled with lifting up my growing girls because of shoulder weakness, tightness, neck pain etc etc...

I thought it gets better. At the end, it was only my wish. 

I didn't realize how much Mama body changed by pregnancies and deliveries.

I knew I put weights, and got saggy arms/bellies/butt/legs.

But actually there were more than these physical changes by becoming a Mama . 

These are COMMON complaints among Mamas.

But is it NORMAL to have these?
Are these because we get older?

or due to pregnancies or deliveries?


Our body is so amazing and adjusted its structure and function

over 40 week of pregnancy to grow a baby. 

Now we don't carry a baby in belly anymore. 

It's time for our body to be back to "non-pregnant" woman body with full function. 

Our body can be back to a woman body structure again. 

We need to train our body to readjust to be a body you want to be in.

MamaBodyology guides you

To regain the essential function which most of Mama lost and often overlooked

To re-build the solid body foundation

To make your body to go to the next level

To be confident and happier with your body

Let's get your body function back and BIG SMILE on your face with what you love to do. 

Bad Posture

Tension Headache

Neck/Shoulder pain


Lower back  pain/tightness


Hip Pain

Incomplete Belly Closure (Diastasis)

Leaking with cough/sneeze/Run or Jump (Incontinence)

For who?

  • Every Mama and Grandmama who are cleared by doctor to start doing some exercises.

  • You are sick of feeling neck/shoulder tightness just doing house work or non-physical hobby, and want to do something with it but don' t know what? 

  • You want to lift your kids or grandkids, but you feel weak or painful to do so. 

  • You want to play with your growing kids without pain.

  • You're desperate to get back into cardio and working out but you are not sure if you can because of pain or feel uncomfortable or where to start. 

  • You want to challenge yourself for what you love to do (running/dancing/crossfit) but you feel your body isn't ready for it. 

How it works?

1st: Register with questionnaire. 

2nd: Receive an access link and join the Live lessons starting on

11th June at 9:30AM (NETHERLANDS).

This "MamaBodyology 101"progressive program consists of 

Total 6 x up to 60 min Online Live lessons



In this 6 weeks, you will learn 

  • About your special "Mama" body and posture 

  • to re-activate the essential muscles and function

  • to decrease shoulder/neck tightness

  • to increase awareness of your pelvic floor 

  • to develop basic core stability 

  • to correct your habitual movement 

  • to Stand and walk tall with confidence 

  • Be much happier with your body 

  • Want to go to the next level

The time conflicts with your schedule? 

No worry! You will have an access to the recorded lessons. 

So You won't miss it. 

You also can review it anytime you want!


Starting Date: 11th June 2020

Starting Time: 9:30AM~10:30AM


Send Registration Form NOW.




6 weeks program

Regular price- 100Euro

"Promotional PRICE: 80 Euro"

What you need ? 

  • Foam roller (90 cm)

  • Ball 

  • Elastic Band (loop and long string) ** You can make a loop with a long string

  • Yoga block (can be replaced with a folded towel)

  • A Balloon

  • Cell phone (camera, video function)

  • Most importantly,

         Your STRONG Will and Belief in Yourself

How many kids do you have?
How old are you?
How old is your youngest kid?
What is your regular phsyical exercises?
Which side view is like yours?


Thanks for registration!

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