Get your own body manual

Give "WOW"to audience 

"Wow" people by maximizing your body function 

Without any doubt, I am a Big Fan of circus performances. 

You keep amazing people by doing extraordinary performance. 

Juggling, aerial, teeterboard, cyr wheels, tight wire, Russian cradle., trampoline, clown, musicians, lighting, sound, rigging... everything.  

Your performance sucked audience in to other world and have them dream BIG. 

It is just amazing!

You spent a lot of time to practice what you love and got where you are now.

Have you took time to learn about your own body which actually working hard to "WOW" people?

Your body is like a professional tool like a knife for a Chef. 

Chef needs to take care of knife in order to keep using for his work. 

At one point, the knife gets old and worn out,

but how to take care of it changes how long it lasts.  

There is nothing sad more than seeing amazing artists leaving stage

because of injuries which could be avoided. 

You could minimize the potential injuries by knowing your body more and

correcting your habitual body movement. 

Explore your body in details and obtain your own "body manual". 


For Who? 

  • You know your body quite well but want to get different perspective to improve your body stability

  • Just started learning Circus skills and would like to have a good stable body

  • Professional performers who has time now due to Corona virus break, and wants to refresh body setting and re-build good base for your coming up professional life

  • Performers having on-going/occasional shoulder pain, lower back pain which doesn't go away with current exercise program.

  • Coaches who are teaching circus acts and wants them to grow their skill with minimal injuries. 

  • Coaches who wants to educate artists preventative injury exercises along with acts. 

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how it works

  • Contact me

  • Fill in initial assessment form and send it back

  • Free 1 hour initial assessment

  • If you decide to get started

    • 4 weeks+ program includes

      • Customized corrective exercise program (shoulder/neck/core/lower back/hip/ breathing)
      • 45 min session /week
      • an email follow up between sessions​​
  • All is done online 


To start knowing your own body, you need to assess your body and find out what you need. 

Courses include:

Postural assessment

Movement assessment 

Breathing assessment 

Corrective exercises for: 

  • Most functional breathing

  • balanced muscles

  • Basic core/shoulder stability

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For who?

Jugglers/high bars/hand stand/aerial/musicians

Whoever uses their shoulders over head. 

Someone with shoulder instability/anterior impingement/prevents labral injury

Course include:

Shoulder movement assessment

Corrective exericses for 


balanced shoulder/upper back muscles

shoulder stabilities

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For who?

For every circus artists.



Course includes:

core stability

core stability with lower leg movement

core stability with upper body movement 


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